Use a Privacy Screen

Do you ever worry about someone looking over your shoulder when you’re enjoying your favorite porn app or other adult app content? Are you watching a movie on your tablet, but you don’t particularly want someone looking over your shoulder while you do it? Are you looking at personal information, in everything from a dating app to your online banking app, and you don’t want your information compromised? Well, there’s a way to deal with that. Our best tip for maintaining your privacy is to use a privacy screen. This can help prevent people from looking at your private data, stealing your information, or just annoying you by being rude and impolite.

A privacy screen is an applique or a screen cover that allows you to see through it when you look at it straight on. From the side or at an angle, however, it acts like one of those “magic eye” puzzles, screening the front of the tablet or smartphone from view. In other words, if you’re the person using the device and looking at it directly, you can see the screen, but anyone trying to sneak a peek anywhere from right in front of the device screen will see a shaded screen that they can’t read. It’s very useful for protecting your privacy. Add a pair of headphones so that only you can hear what you are listening to, and you could probably look at your favorite porn app right in front of a stranger and he or she would never know any different.

Using a privacy screen is more than just keeping your personal data and your banking information safe from potential thieves. It’s also about just maintaining your personal privacy in a world that seems increasingly bent on looking at everything you do. Shouldn’t you be able to enjoy your apps with privacy even when you’re out in public and on the go? That’s the concept of the mobile lifestyle, after all, and the reason we all enjoy our mobile devices so much. We don’t want to be tied to a desk. We want to be able to take our Internet-connected devices out on the go with us. Well, now you can do that, and with a privacy screen, you can do it while protecting your privacy. That’s a very good thing.