Maximizing Your Battery Life!

We know you love your mobile devices as much as we do. They keep you entertained, they keep you connected, and they contain all of your contacts and personal information. As fun as it can be to get out and about with your mobile device, it can be scary, too. That’s because sometimes you can see your battery strength emptying in front of your eyes as your device gets lower and lower. You know that when it goes dead you won’t be able to stay connected anymore. That means no more games, no more text messages, no more movies, no more porn apps… without your battery power you are dead in the water. That means you’ve got to find a way to maximize or even extend your battery life for those times when you can’t find an outlet to plug into. And let’s face it, it’s a drag to be one of those people huddled around an outlet, unable to move farther than the length of your power cord.

First, you need to look at your device’s analytics. It will tell you which of the apps on your device is using the most battery power. A lot of the time, it’s actually the screen itself that uses the most juice, so you can help dial that back by allowing your phone to do automatic brightness. The brighter your phone, the more power it uses to run the display. By using auto brightness, it will be no brighter than it needs to be when you look at it in the ambient light where you see it. And when it’s very bright outside, the display will amp up for greater visibility. If, when you look at your phone’s analytics and you see that some other app has been using more electricity than it should, you might want to strategically uninstall the culprit to see if that improves your battery life.

Another way to save on battery life is to strategically make use of airplane mode. Airplane mode lets you use some of the features of your phone, but turns off others that use a lot of power. You can also switch your phone to sleep or off completely if you need to save the battery for critical times. And never forget that you can buy external battery packs, some of which are even built into the case for your device, that extend the battery life of your device or feed extra power into it to replenish the battery when you get low. There are even emergency chargers on the market that use everything from solar power to crank power to let you recharge your phone in an emergency, including devices intended to convert power from regular alkaline batteries to charging power for your device.

By carefully monitoring how much power you are using and judiciously applying various power devices, you can maximize the life of your phone or tablet on a single charge. The longer the charge lasts, the longer you can enjoy your apps and your device’s connectivity before you have to tether it to an outlet again. Have fun out there, and get all your apps from for maximum benefit.