Live Wallpaper

Your mobile device is a part of your life. We’ve all come to adopt a kind of mobile lifestyle; if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be shopping here. When you really enjoy your mobile device, you want to customize it. You want to make it more yours. Part of that involves customizing the sounds and icon layout on your device… but a big part of the character of your device, of its “flavor,” so to speak, is the wallpaper it displays. One of the best innovations to come along for wallpaper in a long time is “live” wallpaper. Live wallpaper brings your device to life. Instead of a static picture displayed on your phone, which might look nice but which has no added “life” to it, live wallpaper moves and interacts with you. It makes your phone seem genuinely alive and gives you something nicer to look at in the bargain. Lots of people enjoy customizing their mobile devices with live wallpaper, and now, thanks to, you can download great live wallpapers that have been tested for function and security.

Our research process ensures that before you try to download a live wallpaper, it has already been downloaded and installed by our test team. They look for a variety of issues, from compatibility to memory use. After all, it’s not much good to you to have live wallpaper if the wallpaper bogs down your device in the process. Get great live wallpaper from our site that works well with your device, tested and vetted for safety and security in the bargain. That’s the promise.