Books & Reference

Mobile books and reference texts on your mobile device open up whole new worlds of education, entertainment, and work. Whether you need the latest facts and figures for a report, or you just want to spend some time relaxing under a tree somewhere, your mobile device lets you take an entire library with you wherever you go. Ask the average bibliophile what the best and worst thing in their lives used to be, and they will tell you it was the weight and space of all the books they had accumulated over the course of their lives as active readers. All of that changed, though, when the ebook was developed. Ebooks and ebook readers represent a fundamentally change in how we read. For the first time not so long ago, sales of ebooks were more than the sales of paperback books, once the staple of the reading industry. And reading apps are now much more popular for things like reading newspapers and even comic books than ever before, so much so that print newspapers are dying out, cutting costs, and scaling back. We have all the best reading and reference apps here at, and we have tested and screened these to make sure you’ll get the most out of them when you put them on your phone or tablet.