Music & Audio

Our smartphones changed the way we listen to music. The first music revolution was the Walkman. That device gave people the first truly portable, truly practical means to listen to music when they were out and about. Then came the Discman, which allowed music lovers to use their favorite CDs instead of cassette tapes. But the next frontier of music was liberating music lovers from incredibly unwieldy collections of discs or tapes. The iPod gave music lovers the ability to carry around huge collections of music in a single device, effectively converting their entire music collections over to a format that was portable and took up almost no space. Things were destined to stagnate there for a while… until the smartphone revolution took the country by storm. Now, fewer and fewer people buy iPods in favor of iPhones. People not using Apple’s products turn to similar smartphones with different operating devices. The result is the contemporary music market.

That music market means that fewer people are buying separate music devices just as they’re no longer buying separate cameras. We now use our phones for practically everything, including music. So how do you know which music apps you need for your phone or tablet? Which ones are most compatible with your device? The thing is, you don’t have to know. You can turn to and we’ll already have done that research for you. We test and select our apps to bring you only the best. The time to upgrade your app experience is now. Do it through You’ll be glad you did.