Google is an Internet search powerhouse. The company that brought you such incredibly popular applications and websites as gmail, Google maps, Google Earth, and countless other Google programs offers some of the most thoroughly integrated content in our app marketplace. When you have an Android phone running Google products, your contact information, your mail, and all your other information can be organized and backed up using Google. One of the biggest advantages of using Google apps, of course, is that Google is one of the biggest players in the app game. They have a lot of resources and a lot of talent on staff. The apps they produce, therefore, are of extremely high quality. Yet that’s no guarantee that everything Google makes is perfect or works perfectly. We put Google’s apps through the same testing as we put other apps through. That means that when you get a Google app from us, you’re getting software that has been vetted, screened, and tested. No matter how careful you are when it comes to downloading applications for your device, you can always use the backup that we provide you. That’s the advantage, and that’s why you should get your Google apps from us.